Monday, October 14, 2013

Beginning of the School Year and Routine Set-Up Part 2

Good Grief, is fall break ever coming to come! It’s been a rough start to fourth grade at our school this year. Lots and lots of drama. You’d think it’d be the kids, but it’s mainly the parents talking among each other (gossiping) and repeating second and third hand accounts of events that their students were not involved in. Be praying for my babies and for my team, we just don’t know how else to handle these parent issues (that need to stay out of the classroom). L But enough of that, let’s get on with the show.

            We finally finished our review unit on paragraphs. Some students totally rocked this paragraph. They included all the important pieces: thesis statement (topic sentence), supporting details, and a conclusion. The pictures will come, I promise. I’ll post them as soon as I finish my bulletin for Evidence of Learning Night. Some of my dear friends have some work to do. We have a lot of friends who are struggling this year. (Borderline below or already below grade level) Oh well, we just really need to emphasize and work on those strategy groups this year more than ever. If anyone has any suggestions or resources you can point me to that would be fabulous. (Anything on writing or spelling would be fantastic.)

            We’ve continued to work on our Daily 3. We even did a short exercise on resources and pulling information from books to support our writing and answers. I think they have somewhat of a handle on it. We shall see during their assessments. Here are some pics of my friends in action.


            And on a final note, I have a new product on the works. I am developing a packet for a writing unit—descriptive writing. I will be writing about it and showing sample work of my test run in the classroom. I hope to post the product on my store by the end of next week (I am still editing and making it pretty). I'm hoping the more frequent posting maintains as a trend on my neck of the woods. Until next time, keep up the fabulous work you do in your classrooms. No monkeying around. Those kids are so blessed to have each and every one of you in their lives. Keeping you in my prayers!

 Miss Molina

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