Monday, April 2, 2012

Home, Sweet Home!

Hey ya'll! Well it's official, my kids are finished with all their standarized testing. PTL!The poor things were so tired by the end of last week. They came in a little rowdy today, but we only have 3 more days before break. It's completely understandable; they are dying to be out for break. As am I. Well since we haven't been up to much I decided to give you a little glimpse of my home away from home. I took the opportunity to take these after my kids left on Friday. I have a couple of little helpers that are just as OCD as I am. Bless their hearts; they are a big help when it comes to keeping our room clean. I hope you enjoy. Hopefully, I'll be able to post some interesting activities the kiddos may be up to.

By the way, please check out my TpT store. I have only a couple of things up there, but they've been pretty useful. I hope to post some more over break. Several needed a lot of revamping. Talk with you soon.

Pictures of my Castle

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